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  • Securities referred to as Lianlu Industrial,Securities code:838502
    Service Tel:+86-21-5793-5500 中文 | EN


    Lianlu Industrial

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    Established in 2011, Shanghai Lianlu Industrial Co., Ltd., with two wholly-owned subsidiaries,Shanghai New Sunow Chemical Co., Ltd. as the R&D center and Jiangxi Lianlu Bio-Technology Co.,Ltd. as the manufacturing base, is an integration company of R&D, production, sales and self-managedimport & export.
    Functional Ingredients, Intermediates, Estrogensand Progestogens are the main products manufactured and marketed in ourcompany.
    Shanghai Lian Lu Industrial Limited by Share Ltd successfully listed on the new third board in August 1, 2016. The securities are referred to as "Lian Lu" and the stock code is 838502.
    The company adheres to the core values of “Customer demands as guidance, products R&D as support, product quality as guarantee”.Joint development with all the customers at home and abroad is our expectation.

    Contact Us
    Add: Room 702,Building 46,No.900 Haili Road,Jinshan,Shanghai 201508,China.
    Factory: Wan Zai Industrial Park, Yichun City, Jiangxi Province
    R&D Department: Industrial Incubator Park, No. 688, Qiushi Road, Jinshan District, Shanghai
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