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    Name: Benfotiamine
    Cas No.: 22457-89-2

    Batch No.: C272011801              Batch Size: 50kg

    Mfg.Date: Nov.03,2020               Report Date: Nov.06,2020

    Exp.Date: Nov.05,2021                Packing Size: 25kg/Drum

    Item Specification Result
    Description White or light yellow crystalline powder Almost white crystalline powder
    Loss on drying ≤1.5% 0.86%
    Sulphate ≤0.011% Conforms
    Chloride ≤0.053% Conforms
    Heavy metals ≤0.002% Conforms
    Related substances NMT0.15% 0.05%
    NMT0.15% No detectable
    NMT1.0% 0.31%
    Purity ≥99.0% 99.7%
    Conclusion: The product complies with the enterprise standard.

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